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In the past, Australian mobile casinos were not so popular. It's only in recent years that technology has really progressed to the point of great gameplay on smartphones.

Cross compatibility between desktop games and mobile games used to be a problem. Lots of slots used to be created using Flash. Since Flash didn't really function well on mobile, it was difficult to release a game on both platforms. On top of that, older phones had poor performance in comparison to desktop computers or laptops.

These days, things have changed. Games are no longer coded using Flash and smartphones such as the iPhone are so powerful that some can rival the performance of a desktop machine. This means companies no longer have to choose between mobile and desktop development.

Get the Most Out of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Casino Bonus

Since mobile gaming has become such a big market, more companies are trying to promote their mobile apps and sites. This means there are a lot of bonus offers out there that you can use to improve your smartphone gameplay experience. You might see a company release a new bonus award if they want to promote a new app. These might include a whole range of different casino bonuses.

For example, a company might put out a new Android or iOS app and launch a no deposit bonus gift to help promote it. This kind of offer means you don't need to put in any of your own funds in order to take advantage of it.

On the other hand, you might also get a welcome bonus. This is when you receive either free credit or spins in exchange for creating your account. Welcome bonuses often give quite a lot. You might get hundreds of free spins at a time or a generous amount in free credit.

While these gifts might seem incredibly generous at first, you need to consider that there are certain requirements associated with their use. Getting $100 for free might seem too good to be true, and sadly, it usually is.

Wagering Requirements

Mobile Casino Bonus

If you want to make the most out of these mobile casino offers, you'll need to investigate exactly how the terms and conditions work. Certain kinds of bonuses will almost always have restrictions on how they can be used.

If you win any money using a welcome bonus, you'll probably have to meet the wagering requirements. Once you meet these requirements, you'll gain the ability to withdraw any winnings you've made using your bonus funds.

Generally, a wagering requirement will be something like 10x or 20x. You might receive $20 in free credit in the form of a welcome bonus. If you check the terms and conditions and it says you need to wager 10x, you'll need to wager $200 of your own money.
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